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    Server successfully started

    5 April 2020 , by Dreigas

    Server successfully started! We don’t expected so much players and getting some ddos attacks but everything works pretty good 🙂Now we just need to do some tests on live server and start making changes and updates. 🙂 Sorry if i can’t PM back quickly, i’m very bussy now. Good games guys! Read more

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    Left less than 1 hour

    5 April 2020 , by Dreigas

    Left less than one hour until server will start new life 🙂Some important information before start* Dont use towers, phx or any other hack programs, your will get auto ban (for first time up to 1 hour, second time 6 hour, third time forever)* Chaos and Invasion events are now in test mode, we should test thems in 48 hours... Read more

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    L2Java 5000x this Sunday

    3 April 2020 , by Dreigas

    Hello, We want to apologize what we postponed server start several times, but now we are ready! Yes, server start will be this Sunday 6PM (GMT +2)!!!No more postponed server starts its real start! Registration now are open! Server security is ready! Now your can create your accounts (use real emails). Patch will be uploaded this Saturday (tomorrow)... Read more

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