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    L2Java successfully started

    24 April 2021 , by Dreigas

    Old school L2Java 5000x PVP server with 2012 years pack successfully started! It’s good time remmember old days! Good luck guys 🙂 Read more

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    Old L2Java comming back!

    19 April 2021 , by Dreigas

    Hello players, we have great news! 100% Genuine old school L2Java Interlude 5000x PVP server comming back this Saturday!!! (2021 04 24) 6PM GMT+2. Soon battles begins!!! P.S. For more info follow news at facebook page 🙂 Read more

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    New L2Java 5000x season

    10 February 2021 , by Dreigas

    Hello players 🙂 After half year it’s time to wipe L2Java 5000x PVP server. In this time a lot of work was done and tommorrow server will be shutdowned for others updates. New server season will be this Saturday (2021 02 13) 6PM (GMT +2). Who made donate two weeks before wipe will get back all GC to web accounts... Read more

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    New website design

    17 March 2020 , by Dreigas

    Like your see we launched new design website with new domain name (was l2java.com and l2java.lt) and now are l2java.net and l2java.lt. Currently not all functions are fully ended, but in 1-2 days we will be fully ready 🙂 Please visit to our facebook page! Good luck Read more

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