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The new season is here!
By Dreigas (20 Jan 2023)

Hello players,

We wish to announce about new Lineage2 Interlude 5000x PVP server season, he is here now and the server successfully started!

Currently, we want to inform you about some important things:

1. Olympiad battles are closed until Monday, new Heroes will be at next week (From Sunday to Monday night).
2. For the first-week registration for castle sieges is available only for Giran and Aden town castles.
3. Sorry, if I can't PM back everyone, I'm really busy, trying to spend free time on updates and other work.

Good luck in the new season.

Best regards, 
L2Java team.

The new server season postponed!
By Dreigas (10 Jan 2023)

We would like to inform you that due to certain reasons, the new L2Java 5000x server season has been postponed for 6 days, i.e. until January 20, 2023, at 6 PM (GMT +2) (there will be no other postponement).
At the moment, a considerable update has already been done on the test server, and we will have time to finish everything that is planned.
Nothing changes regarding the GC, all GC which was transferred from the 20 December 2022 web account to the server will be fully returned back to the web account on the new season! :)


New L2Java season this month!
By Dreigas (02 Jan 2023)

Hello L2Java players!

We wish to announce about new L2Java 5000x server season, which will be on 2023-01-14 (Saturday) 6 PM (GMT +2).
In a previous season which lasts for about 4 months, we did a lot of changes and updates and we still working on better gameplay. :) 
Now we have ~ 2 weeks to finish everything that we planned and offer you to have a fun time with L2Java! :)

So let's make a deal! You will inform your friends about the new L2Java 5000x server season while we will work with new server updates! :) 

P.S. Those Who transferred GC from 2022 December 20 day will get back the full amount of GC to web accounts, other players will get half of the donated GC, but not more than 1000 GC.

Best regards,
L2Java team

New static event times
By Dreigas (24 Nov 2022)

Hello L2Java players,

We wish to announce, that all L2Java events now have static times, soon we will add more events, so times in the feature can be changed and we will update this new with times.

Server timezone GMT +1

TVT Event: 01:00 05:00 09:00 13:00 17:00 21:00
Invasion Event: 03:00 07:00 11:00 15:00 18:30 23:00
Chaos Event: 02:00 04:00 06:00 10:00 14:00 16:30 18:35 22:00

Our new patch
By Dreigas (21 Oct 2022)

Hello, L2Java gamers 🙂
We want to inform you that we have released a new, improved version of the L2Java patch, so please visit in the Download section and you will find all the necessary information there. 🙂 You can continue to play with the old one, but you just won't get the game update anymore. 🙂
With the new one, not only will you start the game faster, but it will also be much easier for newcomers who have already forgotten how to properly upload patches to the L2 client! Because sometimes players asked why the game does not start, and what they do wrong? Now our launcher will do everything for you. 🙂
Soon I will inform you about other updates too!
Have a nice Friday!

New TVT zone and other updates
By Dreigas (19 Oct 2022)

Hello L2Java players 🙂
As promised, we found a great place for the TVT event (thanks to our players for their help too), and we updated and improved the event itself! We still have more ideas for this event, but they will be implemented in the future because now we have other, more important work with the L2Java PVP server! waiting for when it will be done! 😉
We are moving forward with the class balance, which by our players' words already now is pretty good. And we are happy to receive more and more new faces on the server! 🙂 And of course, added other updates. 🙂 Some more info can be found on our facebook fan page! 
Have fun!

About last week
By Dreigas (15 Oct 2022)

Hello, gamers!
We have some news and I'll try to keep it all short. In the last week, together with the new L2Java GM (GBgb), we spent a lot of time on class balance and the results have already started to cheer up our players! 🙂
I'm happy when I start to see old faces coming back! And we will continue this job! But we're also beginning to improve other aspects of the game too, everything is happening one after the other!
I think the coming weeks will be even more fun in castle sieges, also we will start returning for classes skills that should belong to them, like heals for healers not only at Olympiad battles. 😉
Good luck, L2Java team

Some good news!
By Dreigas (05 Oct 2022)

Good evening players,

We have some good news. :) We announce that a new and active GM has joined the L2Java team, who is already working on the balance of classes on the server. GM's nickname on the server is GBgb, you can write to him in the game and get to know each other :)
We have also added a new feature to our page, from now on everyone can add their live streams to our L2Java page! Broadcasts will be automatically deleted from the page as soon as you finish broadcasting on the Twitch page.

New L2Java team member - GBgb

Have a good rest of the evening! ;)

5000x successfully started the new season!
By Dreigas (30 Sep 2022)

We wish to announce! 5000x PVP server successfully started the new season! :) We made some important updates on class balance and some other fixes for better gaming!


New 5000x season this Friday!
By Dreigas (27 Sep 2022)

The new and fresh L2Java 5000x server season will start this Friday 6PM (GMT +2). Tomorrow we will start to update our server, we will make some important updates before the new season! We will inform you soon about updates! :)

Server and website maintenance was finnished
By Dreigas (20 Sep 2022)


We finished server and website maintenance. :) Many of you probably recognize our website designs and old memories comes back? Huh, ok!

We decided to use the previous L2Java web design, but the page engine itself is completely newly written by our team and you can already notice some innovations and speed, and there will only be more of them in the future! For your security, we have also started using SSL certificates to encrypt the traffic between you browser and our server to feel much safer ;) ! Added some public player statistics and etc... Just look around.

And now let's talk about the new L2Java 5000x server season! The website is almost finished and we will start updating our 5000x server! these days you will see more updates from the Lineage2 server side! And the new 5000x server season we planning this September 30, so we have more than 9 days to be ready!!! 

Good luck!
L2Java team.