About L2Java project

It's probably one of the oldest PVP servers in the world, who are still alive from 2007 years! Most of the Lineage2 players know the L2Java name. We created a lot of custom unique features, that other servers trying to copy :P (like custom augment system, Chaos event, etc...). We have several custom items, but all are designed to maintain the authentic Lineage 2 Interlude style and gameplay. And to this day, we continue to create updates for the game. Here is short information about the L2Java.net project.

L2Java (5000x) PVP server

About regions more info here!

Chronicle: Interlude (C6)
Server type: PVP (High rates)
Opened on: 01.12.2007 (YES, we are still alive!)
Rates: 5000x 5000x 50x 10000x
Enchant probability: 85%

New seasons: Most times the new server seasons are every 3-4 months.

NPC: GmShop, Buffer, Class Manager, Raid Boss/World Gakekeeper, Augmenter, Skill Enchanter, Market, Delever, Report Manager, Achievements, Siege Manager and others...

Olympiad: Fully operational retail-style Olympiad, noblesse status granted upon login, Olympiad battles begin only from 300 PVP, +4 extra Olympiad points awarded daily to Olympiad warriors, augments are allowed in Olympiad. Also we developed custom anti-feed system and Olympiad participants are not selected randomly, as elsewhere, but based on your skills and abilities.

Custom Items: We do not want to drastically change the Lineage 2 Interlude gameplay style, so we only have a few custom items. The Appela armor set can be upgraded from A-grade to S-grade, but it cannot be used in Olympiad games. All epic jewels are S-grade, but they can also be upgraded to Blessed Epic Jewels. Additionally, there are some custom hats, music crystals and etc... available.

Protection: Server is protected from bots, phx, interfaces and others 3rd illegal programs also we use SmartGuard.
Server have 10+ network lines arround the world, so all players will get good ping for the better gameplay.

Epic Boss: Frintezza, Valakas, Antharas, Baium, Baium Brother (extra epic boss), Queen Ant, Orfen, Core (all thease bosses have 70+ level). All 65+ level Raid Boss have custom drops. Also exists Event timer by you local time zone.

The buffs last 9 hours, custom server updater, no additional quests (profession, sub, etc... Just more time for fun PVP) and a lot of more other custom features... You just need to try.

    TVT - 3 teams fight each other in a life-and-death battle.
   Chaos - Everyone who wants to can gain certain powers for a certain period,
       but a curse follows - they are cursed! And become enemies...
   Invasion - Weird monsters start attacking the territory. The locals have
      to be defended and the reward is honour and plunder from the monsters.
   Tournament - 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 and 9x9 party battles.
Additional novelties

    Modified champion monster system. When dying, the champion monster gains
      experience. As it revives, it becomes increasingly stronger, until it reaches level 20
      and then the boss is summoned!
    To represent the player's skills and professionalism, the PVP and PK points are displayed
      in the titles and the colour of the nick depends on the amount of PVP.
It is only superficial information about the server. We made a lot more fun features, just check it out! We attempted to give it in short, so that there was more time left for the game :)
P.S. It's a Lineage2 server that you'll either love or hate! :D