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Left only some hours
By Dreigas (07 Jun 2024)

Left less than 7 hours until the new L2Java 5000x PVP server Summer season!

We wish to remind you that Olympiad battles will start on Monday and for the first week registration is allowed only for Giran and Aden Castle sieges.

Grand Bosses and Raid bosses spawn you can find on the Statistic page. Also, some of the players wanted to spoil, so from this season, you can spoil recipes, parts, and materials.

All new players will get Premium status for free for the first 3 days. Also, we launched some extra bot protections.

P.S. Active heal augment reuse time is increased from 5 up to 7 seconds and more information can be found on our Facebook page.


Have a nice time with us the whole Summer!

New Summer season comming!
By Dreigas (01 Jun 2024)

Hello L2Java players,

We wish to announce, that the Spring season has ended and it's time for a new Summer season!

Which will be this June 07 at 6 PM (GMT +3) coming Friday!

Currently, we are working on new updates, we reviewed again zones, and monster status and changed some drops. Now again the MOS should be the most important zone. About zones, we created short descriptions for newbie players, which can be found here: https://l2java.net/Map/MOS

Also in the previous season the Tournament event was overcrowded only with 1x1 and 2x2 arenas, so now finished the Tournament event and also added 4x4 and 9x9 arenas. :)
More info about new updates will be posted soon on our Facebook fan page.
Have a nice summer!